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Substance Painter Smart Materials Vol. 2

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Substance Painter Smart Materials Vol 2 contains 50 original Materials made in Allegorithmic Substance Painter 2. Ideal for Hard Surface modeling!!!. 

This package include the following materials:

3D Printed

9 Inch Teeth


Alien Metal Skin

Bad Edges

Bad Paint Job

Ben Saber

Bloody Mess

Bo Burnmetal

Bot Skin


Brown Bottle

Burned Metal Marks

Complex Dirt and Grease

Contagio Cloth

Copper Magic

Dark Red HUD


Extreme Rust & Paint

Fake Gold Coin

Fancy Car

Fantasy Metal

Fine Bloody Helmet

Fortress Wall

Frozen Gone Wrong

Golden Rusting

Imperial Helmet



Mossy Mossy

Nice Armor

Noda Bot

Optimal Primer

Orange Edges

Plastic Barrel

Primer Panit and Sun

Purple Vehicle

Red And Blue

Rez Noir

Silver Drips

Small Tank Cover

Subtle Diystopian

Tin Telephone

Toasted Can

Turning Wheel

Weird Alien Oxydation

Weird Rust

Welding Marks Burn

White Outdoor Plastic


Be Creative, have fun and enjoy this exclusive materials package.

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Substance Painter Smart Materials Vol. 2

0 ratings
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