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Substance Painter Smart Materials Vol. 1

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Substance Painter Smart Materials Vol 1 contains 50 original Materials made in Allegorithmic Substance Painter 2. Ideal for Hard Surface modeling!!!. This package include the following materials:

5th Alien Armor

Alien Tank

Antguy Helmet

Black over Red

Copper Industrial Tubing

Copper Pot

Dark Boss Helmet

Desert Alien Door

Desert Old Structure

Dieselpunk Metal

Double Coated Paint Rust

Dual Coated Old Paint

Footbal Helmet

Greek Coin

Green Old Plastic

Iron Door

Iron Hammer

Ironguy Gold

Ironguy Red

Lathe Green

Metal Dragon Scales

Metal Goblin

Middle East Metal

Milk Churn

Modern Metal Orange

Moss Metal

Mostromo Blue

Mostromo Green

Oil Metal

Old Door Knob

Orc Helmet

Pos Apoc Microwave Oven

Ray´s Blaster Body

Ray´s Blaster Tip


Sci Fi Red Metal

Scratched Black Metal

Sea Dive Helmet

Sewing Machine

Silver Oil Can

Soviet Tank

Starship Hull

Steampunk Copper

Trooper White Armor Suit

Underwater Nickel

Vintage Toy Paint

War Skin

Water Dragon Scales

Welding Marks

White Tractor

Be Creative, have fun and enjoy this exclusive materials package.

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Substance Painter Smart Materials Vol. 1

0 ratings
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